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Red Haired Braid Girl Gets me

I am really trying  not to blog about the Paris coincidentally in Japan same time as Rob thing. However, it is really gotten under my fingernails and no matter how many times I wash them it just won’t go away. Now I do realize that I don’t have a real chance with Rob(unless of course Rob thinks I have a chance). It may be hard to believe by the whole Robsessed blog and all. The thing is that Paris is just plain Nasty and its just wrong. This is why I’m bothered by it. I’m not saying I would be jealous of say Natalie Portman,  but at least she is not number one on the list of skanks!(Rob I can make that list out for you for future reference if you like)**Note-Anyone who has a sex tape out makes the list** Also, while I’m on this rant I would like to bring up Kstew. Who the hell does she think she is? (if you don’t know what I’m talking about see this) If she is waiting on being in a “GOOD” movie, than she may as well forget about ever being at the Oscars. Someone just needs to smack the hell out her. Maybe that would help bring her ego down. Truth is Kstew you suck as a actress. Christian Serratos(Angela Weber) would have been a much better Bella. You(Kstew) would have made a good……….um…………….well…………..extra, no thats not it…..hmm……………………Got It! Guy on the couch in Half Baked! Maybe you and Paris should hang out. Nah, I would really hate to see what the skanksunited club would look like.

****Just a Reminder-Back off bitches! I will end you! -FutureMrsP.****


Rob In Tokyo

Rob is now in Japan(sigh).He looks tired, but still really sexy. He is also sporting the same clothes from the (LA) gym photos. Nice

Oh God, Not more 14 year old girls!

Oh God, Not more 14 year old girls!

See more photos at socialite life

And then he was gone

Yesterday, Our favorite hottie said farewell to LA. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I sure am going to miss all the pictures the paparazzi were taking here in the states. Now one knows what the ladies what quite like them.


Don't forget to write


We're going to miss your crotch too!

We're going to miss your crotch too! 😦


E interview

Rob interview with Ryan Seacrest

Sex On Fire

Rob Pattinson reminded every Robcrazed fan just why we fantasize about him. He did walk the red carpet, like we were all hoping he would. And, in true Rob form he was very modest about everything.  I ❤ Rob!  He didn’t bring a date either ladies(woo-hoo!!!! ),guess he didn’t want to make us all jealous.(Who would be jealous?…….Bitches better back off) Though I must say that  I would have  gladly stood by your side as your date. The “AFTER PARTY” would have been a lot  better too.  Just saying………


Picture Source:  New Moon Movie

Rob Pattinson Seen Leaving My House……er….I mean the gym

As some of you already know. We have a new Rob spotting! YAY!  The photos are really good too(HQ). You can even see the sweat on him. It also appears(by the way the key looks) that he driving a Audi/VW rental. So all of you living in LA. Look for a hot really really hot guy, who may/may not be wearing a beanie that is driving a Audi/VW.(SUV/CAR unknown). If you see him, tell him to call me. OK then, since I don’t like suspense….or at least I don’t like it when it comes to pictures of Rob. I won’t keep you waiting.





Rob visits the optometrist

You gotta love living in America. If its pictures of Rob the Americans want, then pictures of Rob we shall get. We have hardly seen him since December. Now he is back in the US and Wallah…….Pic after pic. This time the pictures are of Rob going to/coming from the optometrist(2/19). I actually looked at 12 pictures. Now again, I’m now sure if he is leaving or just arriving but all the pics have been taken in the parking lot. Damn! How far away did he park? Just saying. Maybe someone could have given him a ride to his car.


*I have to point out the pic on the right. Only because it has been the reason for all my naughty thoughts. Yeah, the one with the nipple. Exactly!!!!!

**See the rest of the pics at

Oh My

Yes another pic. I’ll just tell ya. All the pics today have been good. Real good. Maybe even to good. Good Lord good! Robgasm good!

rp*Rob, I would love to bang you. Let me know when your ready. Until then I’ll be waiting.

Rob spotted at Grey Goose

I’m sitting at home watching ABCD, when all of a sudden my Robdar goes off. Naturally I rush to check my email and… whada ya know. Robbie was spotted again at Grey Goose in LA.  He is looking tired (jet lag?) or maybe he has been enjoying some Grey Goose , and wishes I were there.  Me to baby. I think the girls at RobertPattinsonwho said it best.

“Oh, who cares, it’s a picture of Rob to stare at, right?!?” -Yes that is right!



Rob at the oscars


Now this news isn’t new, but when I read that Rob was back in the states I figured that news was big. Hmm……….I suppose this is because the chances of me “accidentally” running into him are increased. Well, not really. I mean, he is in California and I am…..Not! The reason Rob is in Cali is because(if you don’t know by now,brace yourself) he is presenting at the Oscars! I know right!  This is awesome! I hope everyone has DVR!  I have already set mine. There is talk about weather or not he will be on the red carpet. I think not. Just knowing(yes I said knowing) Rob and how uncomfortable he is around reporters. It just seems unlikely. I’m sure this comes from him being a Taurus(right Heather). No, not like the car. The astrological sign. They seem to be a bit more antisocial. I’m fine with this. It just means more alone time when we’re together.  😉

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