Hello Lover!

I. can not. believe. what. I’m. looking.at! His Holy Hotness! Nice View too.Please excuse me while I make love to my computer  screen. Novancouver_006w then. I have been checking Google alerts like mad. How did I miss this pic? I only get the ones about how much he stinks. which BTW I’m sick of hearing about. I would just like to spread the word that Rob will be at the KIDS CHOICE AWARDS on Saturday (3/28) @ 7 pm.  I hate to get off the topic of Rob but Saturday is also Earth hour. Its starts at 8pm and is only an hour. Set your DVR so that you don’t miss Rob but turn off your TV and lights for just 1 hour.(didn’t mean to bore anyone). Have a wonderful day and enjoy the picture.

Source: Robsessed and Kids Choice Awards

Also check out Earth Hour 2009



  1. Valerie Said:

    The Robass pic. Love that one!

  2. Fortress Guy Said:

    I am late to this party. The world has gone Rob Pattinson crazy! I am learning a lot.

    I just finished watching and posting a take on the movie (with a number of caps) if you want to check it out. May be amusing to see a different perspective.


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