The Shoes We Love to Hate

We have all seen Rob in his infamous black Nikes. We have all taked about how much we don’t like them and what shoes we would like to seen him wearing. We have even found a place where WE think they may even look good. Where would that be you might ask. Why on our BR floor of course. Actually, I don’t believe they would even look good there. But it is a place where they are welcome and I would like to see them there. Now I know that he DOES have other shoes but none of the others get the same love as those”shiteous” Nikes. So because I love Rob,  despite the Nikes, I am posting this wonderful Video made by  olpatlanta

[Vimeo 3580394]



  1. Valerie Said:

    For some reason I don’t mind the nikes. Rob can wear or not wear, whatever he wants! lol

  2. FutureMrsPattinson Said:

    That is because everything,ugly or not looks excellent on Rob

  3. Becky Said:

    WTF? why are you hating on his Nikes? You guys just don’t have any sence of style (not to be rude or anything). so what if he’s seen w/ them on almost everyday, i’m sure you have a pair of your comfortable/everyday shoes. I happen to love his Nikes, i think it’s great that he owns them…and it’s not because I myself am a Nikehead and own pairs of Dunks and Blazers but because it’s his sence of style. That’s who he is and i love him for that.

  4. FutureMrsPattinson Said:

    @Becky Yes I 2 have/wear ugly things. So does my husband. Actually, my husband has a lot of things that are ugly. That doesn’t make me love him any less. The same goes for Rob. I love any thing on/off Rob. The shoes have become a kind of trademark. I love Rob with the shoes too! Thanks for commenting.

  5. Carrie Said:

    Yippee. You posted my fav version of this video. Stupid You Suck flagged so I had to change songs. Thanks for giving the video a shout out on your blog.

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