WTF Japan?

I came across a video of Rob from a Japanese TV show. While watching I had 3 WTF Moments. I will allow you time to watch first (if you haven’t seen it. If you have ,watch it again. you know you want to)before continuing.

WTF moment #1- 8 seconds into the video-Did Rob just speak Japanese? And, WTF did he say? While I’m all for learning new languages, for that brief(felt like hours) moment all I could think about was how I missed his accent(swoon)

WTF moment # 2-Since speaking Japanese wasn’t good enough, Japan felt the need to narrate over him speaking 26 seconds in. I mean really Japan?  Do you know how long its been since I got to hear him speak(the Oscars) ? I am having withdrawal symptoms.Could you just just pipe down long enough to  let me and everyone else have our swoon  moment. That would be great. mmK?

WTF moment # 3-  dum,da,dum…….what the $@#% kind of pose was that? Now I read that they asked him to make this Superhero pose.Do they know its just a movie. He can’t fly?

However, I would like to thank Japan and whoever originally posted  this video for knowing just what the people and by people I mean all the crazy Rob lovin stalker chicks want to see.

Source: Cullen Boys Anonymous



  1. Valerie Said:

    Yes, I believe he did speak Japanese. So hot! I was wondering about the pose at the end too earlier when I say it. Total second hand embarrassment.

  2. '86 Rabbit Said:

    When I saw this I thought of the movie Lost in Translation. Bill Murray’s character, who is an actor, does some interviews and photo shoots in Japan and he’s asked to do weird stuff like that pose. I think it’s just a Japanese thing.

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