Mr & Mrs Who?

I don’t know if everyone shares with their significant other how they are Robsessed.I have. I suppose it depends on what kind of personality the person you are with has, but for me well he just thinks I’m nuts. He is right. We agreed that I would not talk so much about Rob to him.  Then one day I was on a Rob lovin’ site and he glances over to see what I was doing. You know I never thought anything about my user name until that moment, and of course he did to.

Him: Future Mrs Pattinson! What is up with that?

Me: Umm…..Duh…Robert Patt-in-son. get it?

Him:(rolls eyes) he should get a restraining order for you.

Me: What? leave me alone. I am not discussing RP with you. remember?

Him: Your so ridiculous.

Next day………

Me: Hey T!(mr.FMP)

Him: Thats Future Mr. Love-Hewitt to you.

Me: (ROTFL) Oh right! should have seen that coming.

So J Love if you ever read my blog I totally want to pimp my DH out to you. (Because I care about the things you like DH!)

And RPattz if you read my blog………well then you already have a restraing order know!



  1. Valerie Said:

    You are too funny. That is exactly like me and my hubs. The other day he said he really could care less. Rob is my “free pass”. Love it!

  2. Spank Ransom Said:

    That absolutely cracked me up. I have to show this to Mr. Spank tonight — I think he thinks it’s just me. Perhaps this will encourage him (to give me a free pass for Rob Pattz). 🙂

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