Red Haired Braid Girl Gets me

I am really trying  not to blog about the Paris coincidentally in Japan same time as Rob thing. However, it is really gotten under my fingernails and no matter how many times I wash them it just won’t go away. Now I do realize that I don’t have a real chance with Rob(unless of course Rob thinks I have a chance). It may be hard to believe by the whole Robsessed blog and all. The thing is that Paris is just plain Nasty and its just wrong. This is why I’m bothered by it. I’m not saying I would be jealous of say Natalie Portman,  but at least she is not number one on the list of skanks!(Rob I can make that list out for you for future reference if you like)**Note-Anyone who has a sex tape out makes the list** Also, while I’m on this rant I would like to bring up Kstew. Who the hell does she think she is? (if you don’t know what I’m talking about see this) If she is waiting on being in a “GOOD” movie, than she may as well forget about ever being at the Oscars. Someone just needs to smack the hell out her. Maybe that would help bring her ego down. Truth is Kstew you suck as a actress. Christian Serratos(Angela Weber) would have been a much better Bella. You(Kstew) would have made a good……….um…………….well…………..extra, no thats not it…..hmm……………………Got It! Guy on the couch in Half Baked! Maybe you and Paris should hang out. Nah, I would really hate to see what the skanksunited club would look like.

****Just a Reminder-Back off bitches! I will end you! -FutureMrsP.****



  1. Spank Ransom Said:

    Love this “rant” — Half Baked comment made me chuckle audibly. 😉

  2. Valerie Said:

    Yes, great post Mrs. P!
    -****Just a Reminder-Back off bitches! I will end you! -FutureMrsP.**** – love that, and i love the redhaired braid girl too.

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