Rob visits the optometrist

You gotta love living in America. If its pictures of Rob the Americans want, then pictures of Rob we shall get. We have hardly seen him since December. Now he is back in the US and Wallah…….Pic after pic. This time the pictures are of Rob going to/coming from the optometrist(2/19). I actually looked at 12 pictures. Now again, I’m now sure if he is leaving or just arriving but all the pics have been taken in the parking lot. Damn! How far away did he park? Just saying. Maybe someone could have given him a ride to his car.


*I have to point out the pic on the right. Only because it has been the reason for all my naughty thoughts. Yeah, the one with the nipple. Exactly!!!!!

**See the rest of the pics at


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  1. Heather Said:

    The hair looks awesome today. Who knew going to the optometrist was a reason to look all sexy. Although, the doc is prob the only one that doesn’t scream and ask him to marry him every time he visits. Unless it a woman doctor.

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