Rob at the oscars


Now this news isn’t new, but when I read that Rob was back in the states I figured that news was big. Hmm……….I suppose this is because the chances of me “accidentally” running into him are increased. Well, not really. I mean, he is in California and I am…..Not! The reason Rob is in Cali is because(if you don’t know by now,brace yourself) he is presenting at the Oscars! I know right!  This is awesome! I hope everyone has DVR!  I have already set mine. There is talk about weather or not he will be on the red carpet. I think not. Just knowing(yes I said knowing) Rob and how uncomfortable he is around reporters. It just seems unlikely. I’m sure this comes from him being a Taurus(right Heather). No, not like the car. The astrological sign. They seem to be a bit more antisocial. I’m fine with this. It just means more alone time when we’re together.  😉



  1. Heather Said:

    oooh, he’s hot in this pic. thanks for mentioning me in your post. btw, not to rub it in or anything, but they say taurus people are naturally drawn to one another

  2. FutureMrsPattinson Said:

    But you are in LOOVVVEE! So, I’m good.

  3. FutureMrsPattinson Said:

    BTW have you seen today’s pic of him. OMG! If you haven’t I am posting it tomorrow.

  4. Heather Said:

    Honey, please. I’m in love but he’s a movie star. Haven’t you heard that movie stars have special powers that make you forget that your in love with a regular person. : )

  5. FutureMrsPattinson Said:

    Well Whatever. I would like to point that you are a Taurus and we get along. We’re still friends after 25 years. That’s a pretty good run.

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