Edward Cullen Action Figure

ecafI think its time I got an Edward Cullen action figure. Now this may seem a little strange or even over the top to some of you. You may be right. Well, no. Its more like a deep fondness. Now see, I’m getting off track and all worked up. Back to the point at hand. There is so much that can be done with a ECAF(see some of the sites on blogroll). Like Where in the world is Edward action figure. My DH doesn’t see it that way. He thinks its just me being Ridiculous. We had a conversation about it. It went like this:

Me: I’m gonna buy an Edward action figure
Him: Don’t be ridiculous
Me: He will be soo much fun
Him: You can’t be serious
Me: I am
Him: You can have a stick. its cheaper and just as fun
Me: ( in a much higher tone) It is not!
Him:What is so special about this stupid doll/toy
Me :He has kung fu grip(made that up to make it sound even more exciting, at least to him) and ming reading abilities. Which btw is way better than having a mind reading ability
Him: (insert evil look here)

So, I’m not asking permission, but I would like to keep the peace. I do at the moment(pending Rob’s return to the states and to TN) still have to live with him.



  1. Spank Ransom Said:

    I want one too. Mr. Spank had a similar response but you should have seen his face when I told him I wanted to get the life-size Edward poster board. Just wait until he finds out I plan to decorate our daughter’s room in Twilight motif.

    Let’s do it!

  2. FutureMrsPattinson Said:

    @ Spank- I agree. We should just do it. And when they say something like “You think this is bad, just wait till I get life-size Edward! (O’ Snap!)
    BTW I’m so jealous you get to do an entire room. Wonder if my son would be up for that. hmm………………

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