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I. can not. believe. what. I’m. looking.at! His Holy Hotness! Nice View too.Please excuse me while I make love to my computer  screen. Novancouver_006w then. I have been checking Google alerts like mad. How did I miss this pic? I only get the ones about how much he stinks. which BTW I’m sick of hearing about. I would just like to spread the word that Rob will be at the KIDS CHOICE AWARDS on Saturday (3/28) @ 7 pm.  I hate to get off the topic of Rob but Saturday is also Earth hour. Its starts at 8pm and is only an hour. Set your DVR so that you don’t miss Rob but turn off your TV and lights for just 1 hour.(didn’t mean to bore anyone). Have a wonderful day and enjoy the picture.

Source: Robsessed and Kids Choice Awards

Also check out Earth Hour 2009


Walmart’s Saturday Delight

How Lucky were those Walmart headquarter employees on March 14.  I have been wondering since hearing he was in Arkansas what was said, and I found this Video online for those of us who weren’t blessed last Saturday with being in the same room as Robert Pattinson. For those of you who were, I think it was said best on Wayne’s World. (bows down) “I’m not worthy!(bows again) I’m not worthy! Now that we got that out of way. Enjoy!

The Shoes We Love to Hate

We have all seen Rob in his infamous black Nikes. We have all taked about how much we don’t like them and what shoes we would like to seen him wearing. We have even found a place where WE think they may even look good. Where would that be you might ask. Why on our BR floor of course. Actually, I don’t believe they would even look good there. But it is a place where they are welcome and I would like to see them there. Now I know that he DOES have other shoes but none of the others get the same love as those”shiteous” Nikes. So because I love Rob,  despite the Nikes, I am posting this wonderful Video made by  olpatlanta

[Vimeo 3580394]

WTF Japan?

I came across a video of Rob from a Japanese TV show. While watching I had 3 WTF Moments. I will allow you time to watch first (if you haven’t seen it. If you have ,watch it again. you know you want to)before continuing.

WTF moment #1- 8 seconds into the video-Did Rob just speak Japanese? And, WTF did he say? While I’m all for learning new languages, for that brief(felt like hours) moment all I could think about was how I missed his accent(swoon)

WTF moment # 2-Since speaking Japanese wasn’t good enough, Japan felt the need to narrate over him speaking 26 seconds in. I mean really Japan?  Do you know how long its been since I got to hear him speak(the Oscars) ? I am having withdrawal symptoms.Could you just just pipe down long enough to  let me and everyone else have our swoon  moment. That would be great. mmK?

WTF moment # 3-  dum,da,dum…….what the $@#% kind of pose was that? Now I read that they asked him to make this Superhero pose.Do they know its just a movie. He can’t fly?

However, I would like to thank Japan and whoever originally posted  this video for knowing just what the people and by people I mean all the crazy Rob lovin stalker chicks want to see.

Source: Cullen Boys Anonymous

Mr & Mrs Who?

I don’t know if everyone shares with their significant other how they are Robsessed.I have. I suppose it depends on what kind of personality the person you are with has, but for me well he just thinks I’m nuts. He is right. We agreed that I would not talk so much about Rob to him.  Then one day I was on a Rob lovin’ site and he glances over to see what I was doing. You know I never thought anything about my user name until that moment, and of course he did to.

Him: Future Mrs Pattinson! What is up with that?

Me: Umm…..Duh…Robert Patt-in-son. get it?

Him:(rolls eyes) he should get a restraining order for you.

Me: What? leave me alone. I am not discussing RP with you. remember?

Him: Your so ridiculous.

Next day………

Me: Hey T!(mr.FMP)

Him: Thats Future Mr. Love-Hewitt to you.

Me: (ROTFL) Oh right! should have seen that coming.

So J Love if you ever read my blog I totally want to pimp my DH out to you. (Because I care about the things you like DH!)

And RPattz if you read my blog………well then you already have a restraing order know!

Red Haired Braid Girl Gets me

I am really trying  not to blog about the Paris coincidentally in Japan same time as Rob thing. However, it is really gotten under my fingernails and no matter how many times I wash them it just won’t go away. Now I do realize that I don’t have a real chance with Rob(unless of course Rob thinks I have a chance). It may be hard to believe by the whole Robsessed blog and all. The thing is that Paris is just plain Nasty and its just wrong. This is why I’m bothered by it. I’m not saying I would be jealous of say Natalie Portman,  but at least she is not number one on the list of skanks!(Rob I can make that list out for you for future reference if you like)**Note-Anyone who has a sex tape out makes the list** Also, while I’m on this rant I would like to bring up Kstew. Who the hell does she think she is? (if you don’t know what I’m talking about see this) If she is waiting on being in a “GOOD” movie, than she may as well forget about ever being at the Oscars. Someone just needs to smack the hell out her. Maybe that would help bring her ego down. Truth is Kstew you suck as a actress. Christian Serratos(Angela Weber) would have been a much better Bella. You(Kstew) would have made a good……….um…………….well…………..extra, no thats not it…..hmm……………………Got It! Guy on the couch in Half Baked! Maybe you and Paris should hang out. Nah, I would really hate to see what the skanksunited club would look like.

****Just a Reminder-Back off bitches! I will end you! -FutureMrsP.****

For The Love Of Rob’s…Crotch

Yep you read that right.  One of the girls from LTR(Carrie) made this awesome video of our other favorite part of Rob.

*Special Thanks to Carrie for making such a kick ass video!

Source: Vimeo, YouTube and  Letters To Rob

**Note: I am not doing to do a post on the Paris gossip because I am really just sick of hearing about it.  I can only hope that Rob loves his crotch as much as I do enough to want to keep it.

Rob In Tokyo

Rob is now in Japan(sigh).He looks tired, but still really sexy. He is also sporting the same clothes from the (LA) gym photos. Nice

Oh God, Not more 14 year old girls!

Oh God, Not more 14 year old girls!

See more photos at socialite life

And then he was gone

Yesterday, Our favorite hottie said farewell to LA. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I sure am going to miss all the pictures the paparazzi were taking here in the states. Now one knows what the ladies what quite like them.


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We're going to miss your crotch too!

We're going to miss your crotch too! 😦

Source: GossipGirls.com

E interview

Rob interview with Ryan Seacrest

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